Taxi Garage Crazy Cart XL Hydraulic Brake Kit


We are introducing the Taxi Garage XL Crazy Cart Hydraulic brake upgrade kit. After more than a year of development and testing, we are happy to release this to the world.

This kit is a direct plug-and-play kit for the XL Crazy Cart. This will not work on the standard-size Crazy Cart. 

Will allow 180* steering both ways without binding while having a clean sleek look and superior braking power.

PLEASE WATCH THE INSTALL VIDEO BELOW TO ENSURE YOU ARE COMFORTABLE INSTALLING THE KIT. We have made it as user-friendly and install-friendly as possible. With that said, not everyone will be prepared to install the kit.

If your cart is the version with casters up front, Razor changed the diameter of the steering stem on the steering wheel. You will need a new style steering wheel to fit. 

Steering wheel will sit up approx 1 inch from the bottom due to the re-enforcment procedure. If this bothers you, you can send in the wheel and we can shorten it with new hardware. Please email for this.

Custom powder coating option: Please allow 5-7 business days for item to be shipped. 

The kit includes:

1x - 22mm pre-bled hydraulic dual-piston caliper with replaceable brake pads, Caliper handle has adjustable height for engagement

1x - Rim half with drilled rotor to bolt to your existing rim half

1x - Brake caliper mounting bracket, spacers and hardware powder-coated in Prismatic Powders Gold Medallion.

1x - Mounting hardware kit. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PART: The Taxi Garage XL Heavy Duty Front Neck

You will break the factory neck in a short time period if you are a normal size adult. The mixture between the weight on the neck tube and the force will break it off. 

For install the Taxi Garage brake bracket has to be drilled in an exact location. If you are not comfortable with this; Please find a professional to install the kit or buy the Upgraded XL heavy-duty neck.

This neck is a new factory neck that is then gone through, jigged and then re-enforced neck tube(The failure point) for strength. Finished in Prismatic Powders Illusion Red powder-coat. 

The neck comes drilled for the brake bracket- no drilling needed to install the kit. Neck will also be predrilled for the chain tensioner upgrade.

We are offering a neck re-enforcement service.

How it works- You would need to send in your neck, we would put it on the jig to make sure it is a good neck to start with. Once it is checked out we will perform the upgrade service to it. This service is $300 plus shipping - If neck can not be fixed, there is a flat rate of $25 for checking it. 

 Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

-Will this work on all XL Crazy Carts- Yes, All versions of the XL will accept this kit

-Can I still drift?- Yes the cart will perform like a normal Crazy Cart if installed properly. Applying the brake will add angle while sideways- It does take a bit of adjusting how you ride if you are using the brakes while sideways.

-Can I install this in my garage?- Yes, Please make sure you watch the installation video in its entirety to understand the full scope of install. It needs special care and knowhow to install the kit.  If not installed properly the kit will have serious issues. ie: brake cable getting damaged or caliper not aligning properly.

-Will this work on my standard Crazy Cart- NO will not work at all.

-Are the brake pads replaceable - Yes we have replacement pads. Wear will depend on usage. 

-Do I absolutely need the upgraded neck? - In short, No. However, the neck WILL break. When depends on the riders weight and how they are using the cart. These brakes are powerful enough to do a "stopie" and have the rear casters 3 feet off the ground. The force will break the neck.


Have any further questions or concerns? Please email


Customer Reviews

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Patrik Howald

The brake kit works perfectly 😍😎

Ransom Brown
Not a review

This looks great for beginners with crazy carts like me lol

Tyler Silva
Not a review

When will these be back in stock? I’m really excited to get one.