TAXI GARAGE crazy cart (STAGE 5)


**LEAD TIME currently 3 weeks **

Get your custom STAGE 5 on the production schedule today!

The FULL SEND MacDaddy

*Previous riding experience recommended or be ready for full send* This cart is no joke.

*International Shipping please e-mail 


Custom powder coated frame Select in Dropdown Menu (leave note and contact us to confirm)

See link below:

TAXI GARAGE Fabricated Neck 

Newest 900w Motor w/ custom ECU speed controller  

48V Lithium Battery 

TAXI GARAGE battery box (with charger) 

TAXI GARAGE Knobby air tire for max grip 

TAXI GARAGE casters including spacers w/ Orangatang longboard wheels.

Custom TG gussets and additional welded chassis structural support. 

Upgraded Drift Bar Hand Grip  

Dress-up hardware Kit 

Underglow RBG light kit 


Based of 6'0" 192 lb. rider 

Speed 26+ mph

Ride time 90+ Mins(depending on constant use of throttle)

The buyer and rider of the Crazy Cart are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of electric vehicles and scooters.  



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