XL TAXI GARAGE crazy cart (STAGE 4)


You have unlocked FULL SEND MODE with TAXI GARAGE!

Skip the wait for our 1000W motor upgrade and jump on a fully built XL TG crazy cart.

*International Shipping please e-mail Sales@taxi-garage.com

Lead Time: 1 week for stock black

*This cart comes fully assembled out of the box.

XL STAGE 4 Includes:

Stock black XL crazy cart 

- TG 1000W Motor upgrade

- TG 1000W Motor bracket

- TG 1000W chain 

- TG Rear Caster Upgrade  

- 48V TG Lithium Battery

- TAXI GARAGE Black Battery Box w/charger 

- TG Solid Front Tire  

- TG LED under glow kit


Custom powder coated frame Select in Dropdown Menu (leave note and contact us to confirm)

Custom color 3D printed battery box (e-mail sales@taxi-garage.com)


Ride time: (depends on stature of rider and terrain riding on)

Test Results: 

6'0 and 180 lbs. sent it 25+ mph

The buyer and rider of the Crazy Cart are responsible for knowing and obeying all local, state and federal regulations regarding the riding and use of electric vehicles and scooters. 

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