Stage 4.5 Taxi Garage Crazy Cart



You asked and we made it happen! The new Stage 4.5 standard size crazy cart NOW AVAILABLE!


TAXI GARAGE Fabricated Neck  

The newest TG 1100W Motor w/ custom ECU speed controller

TAXI GARAGE 48V Lithium 

TAXI GARAGE battery box (with charger)

TAXI GARAGE CST air tire for max grip

TAXI GARAGE Wide casters including spacers w/longboard wheels. 

TG Dress-up hardware kit GOLD 


Includes front casters that are removable. 

**Taxi Garage Fun Extender Combo (recommended)

Custom color powder coated crazy cart!

Select in Dropdown Menu: Leave a note at checkout and we will contact you to confirm colors.

Next, we send you a call-out chart like the one below to pick out your colors from our partners at

See our TG Crazy Cart Gallery full of custom builds.

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks for custom color carts

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

4.5 is a ripper. If you're a experienced driver/have some balls go for it. First time riding a crazy cart was on this one and it was absolutely terrifying at first. Now I'm shredding the tire off. Girlfriend is loving her 900 which is almost as quick being she's significantly lighter.

Derick D Delonay Derick D Delonay
Insanely fun

That 4.5 got some POWER, almost too much for it's own good, shreds through tires like crazy if your on the throttle definitely could use some brakes at higher speeds and a seat that suits you, 10/10 would recommend 👌 the guys at taxi garage killed it👍 keep doing what you're doing and dont stop improving

W cart

I ripped it and I’m 90 pounds and it went 50 mph. Super cool stuff love ur guy’s work. Your content is crazy too.