TAXI GARAGE Wide Caster Upgrade


Out with the OEM and in with the custom TAXI Garage steel caster upgrade.

Plug and play for standard and XL crazy carts.

Quantity of 1 includes a set of 2x casters with wheels and bearings assembled and ready to install.

- Zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance

- Axle bolt with custom CNC'd wheel spacers

- CNC king pin caster bolt with pressed sealed center bearing for extra strength ** This is the key for longevity**

- Shimmed and built to near zero play resulting in smooth transitions and articulation

- Orangatang Durian with Bones Race Reds bearings 

- Durometers: Yellow: 86a Purple: 83a Orange: 80a

Caster Install and Removal Tool (makes install easier)

Crush Washers - make sure to re-use these off your cart or order new ones here.

These casters are rebuildable- Contact us for this service.

For longer wheel life, Flip the wheels when you observe wear.


    • Diameter: 75mm
    • Width: 52mm with 45m contact path
    • Bearing Seat: Offset
  • *NOTE* our wheel spacers provided are spec’d out for the Orangatang Durian wheel offset.

Link to Orangatang Wheel Replacements 


Will these fit my XL Crazy Carts- YES

Will these fit my Standard size black frame cart- YES

Will these fit my Standard Red frame cart- YES

Are these casters rebuildable? YES Casters are rebuildable, Send in casters and we can replace center bearing and shim them.

Can I run other wheels in the casters?- YES however we recommend the yellow Durian to be the best wheel for the crazy carts. The softer the wheel the more grip you have but the faster they wear out. Running good bearings is another crucial thing as the casters are side-loading the wheel and bearings. This causes excess heat to the bearing and wheels. 

Please feel free to email us if you have any other questions.


Customer Reviews

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A great upgrade


JUST STRAIGHT PERFECTION AND ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ customer service


I likey

A serious must buy.

Shredding these things and they are still holding up! Best wheel upgrade by far.

Baby j
No yard sales here!!!

So much better at higher speeds the stock casters just give up or give out I'm 180lbs and the stock crapsters would kick the bucket and melt down with anything over 10mph or absolutely wash out at the worst possible moment leaving me with a Backie I can't pull out of these casters give me alot more confidence at higher speeds and last alot longer great product and very easy to install would Recomend 10/10