TAXI GARAGE Caster Upgrade

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*We have switched to Purple Durian wheels for you to SENDIT on. (Yellow wheels are out of stock by the manufacturer)

Out with the OEM and in with the custom TAXI Garage steel caster upgrade.

Plug and play for standard and XL crazy carts.

See Dropdown menu for variant options.

Quantity of 1 includes a set of 2x casters.

- Zinc plated for maximum corrosion resistance

- Axle bolt with custom CNC'd wheel spacers  

- CNC king pin caster bolt with pressed bearings to replace factory caster


    • Diameter: 75mm
    • Width: 52mm with 45m contact path
    • Bearing Seat: Offset
  • *NOTE* our wheel spacers provided are spec’d out for the Orangatang Durian wheel offset. 





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