Crazy Cart 36V Battery Upgrade


Our 36V lithium battery upgrade, complete plug and play with your Standard crazy cart (red plastic covers, black covers DLX, and blue frame with white covers)

*NOT Red Frame V1 cart* Cart with batteries in the back


- TAXI GARAGE 36V battery 

- 36V Charger included  

- TAXI GARAGE ABS Plastic Battery Box 

- Battery Box hardware for easy install 

- Anderson Connectors to factory 4-pin connector adapter harness.


•12AH with 3000mAh 18650 cells (40 cells)

•Built in Battery Management Controller (BMC)- keeps cells balanced and protects from damage  

•42v at full charge 

•50amp max discharge with 20amp standard discharge  

•Inline mini 30amp fuse for protection of components 

•2.5-4 hrs approx charge time 

• Three point mounting tabs. For increased strength.

Ride time: (depends on stature of rider and terrain riding on) much longer than stock batteries! :) approx 1.5-2 hours of ride time. 

Battery install second half of video:

*11/64 Drill bit recommended for bottom phillips head course screw included with hardware kit.


Do I need to change anything else on my Gen 5 Crazy Cart? (Batteries in the middle of cart)

No- Nothing else is required with this battery. It comes with hardware, adapter harness and new charger. The stock charger and charger port is no longer used. Plastic covers are removed for better cooling to the motor. 

Will this make my cart faster?

Yes this increases the speed and ride time. Depending on the riders stature, depends on the ride time and speed. The lighter the rider, the faster and longer it lasts.

How long does it take to charge?

2.5 to 4 hours

Will this work on my gen 1 Crazy Cart?

NO, due to location and size this battery does not work.

Where do I plug in the charger? 

The charger port is located on the battery box

Will this work when I am ready for the 500w Motor upgrade?

Yes, It is designed to work with the Taxi Garage 500w motor upgrade. You will simply unplug the adapter harness that is used for the stock controller. You will then plug in the Anderson connectors(red and black connectors) to the new supplied speed controller with the motor upgrade kit. 

Do I need to install the Phillips head screw you sent me?

Yes this screw is crucial for the life of the battery box. You will need to flip the cart over drill a pilot hole and install the lower screw into the battery box. if you do not do this, the box can break overtime.

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