Taxi Garage "Super Solid" Tire 200x50 Tire

$39.99 $59.99

The newest Tire to the Taxi Garage line up!

We have been working on this tire for well over 2 years trying to perfect the longest lasting tire. This is the best it is going to get.

With that being said, these things last a long time! 10x a normal tire. You will also sacrifice some ride quality as the tire is FULLY solid rubber with longevity additives like a car tire. 

We developed these for the parents with kids that do not want to fool with changing tires so often.  

We do not recommend this for carts with power. IE (900w/1000w carts) The tire will have a skip(wheel hop) in it. It is trying to grip but there is no give in the tire due to it being solid. Stock XL and standard size carts will see these as the biggest benefit. 

This tire does not need grip strips. It is the perfect shape for the Crazy Cart rim. 

Option for extended hardware to install tire. This is the same hardware as the original Solid Tire. If already have it, then you are good to go. 

Designed and developed in-house by TAXI GARAGE.  

Grab them while they are on the introductionary price!

**Does not include the wheel and gear assembly**

Fitment for standard Crazy Cart and XL Crazy Cart, Electric Scooter, Razor E100, E150, E200, Power Core E100, Dune Buggy, ePunk, PowerRider 360, eSpark

Customer Reviews

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Great solid tire upgrade

Decided I would try it on my 1000w xl with some grip tape on the rims. After getting longer bolts I got it sinched and have been riding on it since. It's pretty nice for longevity.