TAXI GARAGE 1100W 48v Motor Upgrade Kit - Standard Crazy Cart




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Introducing the newest performance upgrade from Taxi Garage. After more than a year of R&D, the kit is ready.

The TG 1100w 48v motor/neck upgrade Kit! This is a complete kit.

*For STANDARD SIZE and DLX crazy cart *NOT XL*  

*48V lithium battery setup required.  


6-month warranty on TG battery & motor upgrade kits. *With no modification to wiring what so ever* Any cut connector or harness will VOID WARRANTY - USING NON TG BATTERY HAS NO WARRANTY

Providing speeds up to 30mph with riders weight of 165lbs. The lighter the rider, the faster you go. The heavier you are, the slower the setup is. This new motor has gobs of torque in the low and midrange. Compared to its counterpart (900w) This motor really starts to wake up on the top end. 

This motor is less coggy than the 900w. Coggy- Meaning it does not like low speed(like a race car or 2-stroke dirt bike). Less than 5% throttle it will be hoppy. This is due to carts being single-speed and the motor having strong magnets. When having this setup some may need to change how to ride. Most riders do not notice but needs to be noted. With the 1100w, the motor is smoother on take-off while still having a huge amount of torque. 

Ride time: Approx 1.5-2 Hrs


- TAXI GARAGE Fork made of 3/16" thick steel mated to DOM roll cage material. Hand built here in-house. Fully tig welded to perfection.

- Prismatic Powders GOLD - coated TG fork. Signifying the 1100w motor

 - TG 1100W brushed motor for 8MM chain (designed to work with our upgraded tensioner, chain, and lower gear)

- TG 8mm Lower gear with hardware

- TG 8mm Chain

- TG upgraded Chain Tensioner

- TG High Flex Motor wiring harness 

- TG 48v Speed Controller with stainless steel bracket to mount in the factory location

- Pre-wired for clean wiring on standard-size crazy cart

  • All proper Anderson connectors and hardware

- TG 48V battery in our 3D printed battery box *48V charger included

Designed and made in the U.S.A. 


*No Warranty provided if you are using your own battery or over 220lbs.

48v TG Battery is enclosed in tough 3d printed ABS plastic with 3 mounting points to keep the battery secured and safe. Lower screw MUST be installed.

The battery comes with all needed hardware and plugs directly into the TG speed controller.  

 **Custom colored TG fork and battery box please see the drop-down menu.**


   Leave notes at checkout and we will contact you to confirm the colors. Please allow 1-2 weeks for custom colors. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions.


Does this work with my Red frame CC that has batteries in the back?

NO, this will not work due to the location of the battery and controller.

Can I use my own battery?

Yes, However you will not have a warranty on the the motor and controller. If you are wanting a warranty you will need to purchase the battery as well. 

Does this kit include everything I need?

Yes, This includes everything needed to make the conversion and be plug and play. You will reuse your front axle bolt, Spacers and front wheel. 

What tire should I use? 

This is not a one size fits all question. For this setup, We would recommend trying a knobby air tire and a CST Street Directional tire. See which one you like and go from there. The CST will provide more grip but does have a softer sidewall. This will cause a bit more "steering shake" firming up your grip at the 10 oclock postion will help. This is only an issue with new riders or loose headset bearings. 

Customer Reviews

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David Orozco
Crazy fast

Feels like I just LS swapped a miata. The cart is probably faster than my car now and definitely better looking. Just expect people to ask where you got the cart everywhere you go.


Lots of torque, best upgrade to have!


Amazing, as always.