XL Crazy Cart Upper Motor Gear/ Lower Gear Combos

$29.99 $34.99

TAXI GARAGE 11t gear ⚙️ and 40t Lower Gear Kit

Squeeze a little bit more out of that stock 500w XL motor before you go 1000w!

Designed and manufactured for crazy cart XL 500W motor and only this motor.

Hardened tool steel. 

Laser cut and beveled.

Plug & play with factory 500W XL motor.

*Does not work on standard-size crazy cart.

Uses factory XL 45t V5+ chain for 11T only
For 11t upper and 40T lower it will need our chain
For lower 40T lower will need custom chain. **includes gear alignment tool**
40t lower with 11t upper is meant for people riding long rides at top speed. Not meant for small areas where you are going from speed to nothing and back to speed. This creates a lot of heat for the stock motor. Need to be mindful so you do not overheat your motor. 

Would recommend the 11t upper to start. 

See dropdown to add a chain to cart.

If you have the 60t gear, you will need to buy a new chain to go with the 45t or 40t lower gear ⚙️ 

Please watch video for more information.

* Motor nut is REVERSE thread
* Lefty tighty righty loosey when removing original component.

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