XL Crazy Cart 48V Battery Upgrade

$369.00 $384.00


Our 48V lithium battery upgrade, complete plug & play with your XL Razor crazy cart.


TAXI GARAGE 48V battery 

TAXI GARAGE 48V Charger 

TAXI GARAGE 3D printed battery box   


•12AH with 3000mAh 18650 cells (52 cells) 

• Built-in Battery Management Controller (BMC)- keeps cells balanced and protects from damage  

•54v at full charge 

•50amp max discharge with 20amp standard discharge 

•Inline 30amp fuse for protection of components  

•2.5 - 4hr approx. charge time 

*Recommended: TAXI GARAGE XL Motor Bracket with stock 500W motor and removing the factory covers. This will allow more airflow across the motor. We have a "rule of thumb" If you can not hold your finger on the motor for more than 2 seconds, you need to let it cool down. 


*New TG XL 48V Chargeport: 


Relocate your Charge Port for your Taxi Garage 48v battery to use the XL Crazy Cart factory charging port opening on the side of the cart.

This allow you to charge your 48v Taxi Garage Battery without opening the seat.


Do I need to change anything else on my XL Crazy Cart?

No- Nothing else is required with this battery. It comes with hardware, adapter harness and new charger. The stock charger and charger port is no longer used. Plastic covers are removed for better cooling to the motor. 

Will this make my cart faster?

Yes this increases the speed and ride time. Depending on the riders stature, depends on the ride time and speed. The lighter the rider, the faster and longer it lasts. We recommend the motor support plate to keep the factory motor plate from bending. 

How long does it take to charge?

2.5 to 4 hours

Where do I plug in the charger? 

The charger port is located on the battery box

Will this work when I am ready for the 1000w Motor upgrade?

Yes, It is designed to work with the Taxi Garage 1000w motor upgrade. You will simply unplug the adapter harness that is used for the stock controller. You will then plug in the Anderson connectors(red and black connectors) to the supplied controller on for the 1000w motor upgrade.

Do I need tools to install this? 

No you will simply unscrew two wing nuts for the battery tie-down and remove the factory batteries. This will then sit in the factory location using the factory tie-down. Plug in using the supplied harness and take her for a rip! 

Customer Reviews

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Caleb Croom





😲 omg


Straightforward to change and nice quality.

Chase Goodrich

Absolutely must have upgrade. Beyond happy. Don’t skip out on the support bracket (you’ll need it trust me). The cart picked up roughly 8mph paired with the 45T sprocket and chain. It is so much faster and way more fun! Definitely need to keep a few tires spare because it will burn them quickly! Highly recommend to everyone and well worth the money!