XL Crazy Cart 48V Battery Upgrade


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Our 48V lithium battery upgrade, complete plug and play with your crazy cart.


TAXI GARAGE 48V battery 

48V Charger 

TAXI GARAGE 3D printed battery box  

 *For STANDARD SIZE carts see drop down menu and send us an e-mail.


•12AH with 3000mAh 18650 cells (52 cells) 

•Built in Battery Management Controller (BMC)- keeps cells balanced and protects from damage  

•54v at full charge 

•50amp max discharge with 20amp standard discharge 

•Inline 30amp fuse for protection of components 

•2.5hr approx. charge time 


*Recommended: TAXI GARAGE XL Motor Bracket with stock 500W motor.

**For custom color boxes please e-mail Sales@TAXI-GARAGE.com


Ride time: (depends on stature of rider and terrain riding on)

Test Results: 

6'0 and 180lbs sent it 15 miles and 1 hour and 45 minutes plus of riding!

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